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Christian Wings for the World
March 6, 2019
Ironton, MO
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My wife, Sara, and I are the founders and directors of Christian Wings for the World Inc. CWW . CWW has trained a number of pilots to fly fixed wing aircraft in remote places to support missionaries around the world, using small airplanes. We have come to the point where we have resources that belong to CWW with no debt. I would like to put the word out to see if someone would be interested in coming to work with us to get this ministry up and running to train aircraft pilots, mechanics and other personnel to continue and grow the work/mission that God called us to back in the early nineties. We got our not for profit corporation 6-19-1996. Our web site is the page is not current and has many broken links but is working and will provide information about the mission and some of the pilots that we trained. In His grip Lionel J. Smith president and founder of CWW.  will offer a lot of information about our mission,  I believe that all the links work on this page except the contact us link, I think it might work but if you use this one you will have to include a return email address for me to answer. the following link will show where we are located on an aviation chart as well as a picture of our airstrip   I believe we are in a very good location for training pilots for mission service as our property is surround by hills.  We are not far from  larger airports for training on busy airport operations including instrument operations.

In my vision I see CWW training pilots from the first hour of flight time to Commercial pilot with instrument rating,  and the specialty training to prepare them for operations in third world country environments.  I have written a syllabus that I have used to prepare a number of pilot for mission service using small airplanes in mission service   I believe we could also train mechanics here as well, to enable them to maintain their aircraft in the field.  I would like to see a Bible school on the property, a primitive village and other facilities to provide training for third work country operations.   CWW owns 47 acres of land with two airstrips and some hangars one airplane, a Cessna 170B.   Sara and I own seven acres and a seven bed room home as well as  three airplanes, a Cessna 150, Cessna 180 and a Cessna 310 twin engine.  who ever comes to manage the CWW property may be interested in purchasing the Smith property, aircraft and other items.

We are not able to offer wages for working here, so whoever comes will have to provide their own support.

My books “His Wind Beneath my Wings”  will include a lot of my flight history as well as stories about some of the students we trained and some short term mission trips we have done, the books are  at

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