Lead Minister

Fox Creek Christian Church
August 24, 2019
Lawrenceburg, KY
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Church Vision and Purpose:

Fox Creek Christian Church, a congregation of the independent nondenominational Christian Church. It is a New Testament Church built upon the foundation of God’s Word as its sole authority and guide, with Solid biblical/theological convictions, which are aligned with Restoration Movement doctrines. FCCC shall have no creed or articles of faith outside of scripture. We exist to Love God, Love People and Change the World. FCCC will accomplish this by following Jesus’ example; we will Go and share the good news of our Savior with our community and world. The purpose of FCCC is First to evangelism, the leading of others to a committed relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Second FCCC desires to edify Christians through education of the scripture, promoting fellowship and empowering to serve using God given talents. Third FCCC will minister to those in need. Fourth FCCC will strive to be the conscience of the community by speaking out for biblical truth in a secular society.

Accountability To:       Eldership

Description:  The Lead Minister has primary responsibility for preaching and teaching the Word of God and to provide leadership, shepherding and vision to the Body in partnership with the Elders, Staff, Ministry Teams and Congregation.


  1. Passionately embodies God’s word and lives out the gospel in his daily life.
  2. Shows a deep commitment to Christ and has His heart for all people.
  3. As a baptized (immersed) believer, fully understands and supports the scripture-based doctrine of the Restoration Movement.
  4. Consistent spiritual moral character and lifestyle.
  5. Competent in organization, administration and interpersonal relationships.
  6. Potential and desire to remain in a long-term (5 year minimum) ministry at FCCC.
  7. Strong in biblical and expository preaching.
  8. Along with baptized members of his immediate family will place his membership with FCCC.
  9. History of faithful ministry experience of at least five years and proven leadership in an outreach minded church.
  10.  Computer proficient, able to relate to and participate in social media in a manner that promotes, engages, and encourages the Congregation and others receiving the message.
  11. Ordained or eligible to be ordained in the Christian Church.  Bachelor’s degree in relevant field of ministry from a sister college.



  1. Consistently delivers easily understood, Bible-based sermons that are engaging, relevant and challenges those who hear to seek or deepen their relationship with Jesus.
  2. Provide a focus on spiritual growth, discipleship, and Christian community.


  1. Has well-developed communication, including strong listening skills and can clearly articulate the vision, mission, and strategies that will spiritually grow the church.
  2. Prepares preaching/worship schedules in advance, coordinates and plans with worship leader and worship ministry team to ensure that worship services are effective regarding content, style, structure and design.
  3. Sets aside specific time for study and preparation of the sermon weekly, and makes time for planning upcoming sermon series.
  4. Creates regular opportunities for people to respond to the message of Christ through evangelistic/discipleship messages.

Leadership/Leadership Development & Discipleship

  1. Leads the Congregation by example and by teaching.
  2. In partnership with the Elders, Deacons, Staff, and Ministry Teams, is able to implement the vision and mission of the church.
  3. Provides oversight to staff members that allow them flexibility to accomplish their responsibilities, focusing on our overall goals.
  4. In partnership with the Elders, adjusts to societal changes without compromising the Christian doctrine.


  1. Works with Elders to maintain a compelling vision and acts as key implementation champion for the strategic plan.
  2. Meets regularly with Elders to facilitate the work of the church.
  3. Holds regularly scheduled Staff meetings and provides direction, support and encouragement to staff members.
  4. Actively encourages congregational commitment and volunteerism in support of our mission and vision.
  5. Show respect for and adheres to the decisions of the Elders and follows by-laws of the church.

Outreach/Community Engagement

  1. Champions evangelism by inspiring, equipping, and motivating the congregation to share the gospel with all in our community and others within our reach.
  2. Through outreach and ministry activities seeks to reach the unchurched in the community using innovative methods.


  1. Engages and works with other ministries and organizations to serve the community.
  2. Spends intentional time in the community.
  3. Equips and mobilizes the congregation in the role of evangelism and in the development of strategic outreach ministries and initiatives.

Congregation Relations/Pastoral Care

  1. Has a relational connection to the congregation, and provides ongoing pastoral support and care of the congregation in partnership with the Elders.
  2. Prays for, serves, and provides spiritual leadership for the congregation, staff and community.


  1. Care for the spiritual and physical life of the congregation through supportive listening, conflict management, referral to other professionals.
  2. Carry out hospital visitation and ministry to shut-ins in partnership with the Elders.
  3. Conduct baptisms, premarital counseling, weddings, and funerals.

Professional Development/Personal Growth

  1. Continues to grow spiritually and is a lifelong learner.
  2. In a desire to grow, actively seeks honest feedback and constructive criticism on a regular basis from the Elders, congregation and others.


  1. Devotes time to spiritual, mental, physical development and well-being through personal disciplines.
  2. Attend courses, workshops, and conferences as appropriate.
  3. Participation in self-evaluation as well as evaluation/feedback yearly.


  1. Develop an annual plan in cooperation with Elders.
  2. Works within the administrative budget and maintains fiscal responsibility with the church resources.
  3. Responsible for the day-to-day operation of the church, including oversight of other staff.

   General Expectations:

  1. Practices financial tithing in reference to FCCC and its ministries
  2. Attends and supports weekly worship services and special services
  3. Maintain office hours during the week and coordinate day off with staff.
  4. Support other staff and ministry leaders with project and events.
  5. Supervise other staff to provide or arrange for supervision of the Christian Life Center when in use.
  6. Check and promptly respond to email, text, voice mail and mail received.
  7. Other duties as assigned by Elders.

Compensation and Benefits

Salary is commensurate with education and experience.

Anyone applying for position will be granting permission for background checks (educational, references, financial, criminal).  These checks will only be done if the applicant is chosen as one of the candidates for the position.

We request that all communication are made using the email and phone number below, with no direct calls or mail sent to the church.

Send resume to this email address: [email protected]

Question can be sent through the email above or by calling 502-330-7148


Only registered members can apply for jobs.

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