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Global City Mission Initiative (GCMI) is seeking team members for a mission initiative in Dallas-Ft. Worth. Global City Mission is accepting applications for a cross-cultural missionary with an evangelistic emphasis on diaspora communities in DFW.

Global City Mission is a disciple-making ministry focused specifically on evangelism in global cities. In order to effectively advance disciple-making in urban settings, we focus on these three areas of ministry:

  • Evangelism & church planting
  • Training local believers to reach their communities
  • Providing equipping & training for established churches

We are seeking candidates who will function as Mission Catalysts reaching immigrant communities in DFW as a part of the development of a team initiative in the DFW metro area. This role will include the following.


  • Self-initiate ethnographic learning and discovering strategic inroads into specific context(s).
  • Intentionally & personally initiate cross-cultural evangelism.
  • Apply multiplication strategies, planting discovery bible studies & simple church communities, forming disciples who in turn disciple others, and developing indigenous
  • Working in immigrant/international communities, be attentive to opportunities for evangelistic engagement or leadership development in the homelands of international friends.
  • Train & mobilize local believers in evangelism and to start discovery groups in their communities.
  • Select a missionary care team (individuals outside of GCMI) for personal care & accountability.


  • Help develop a team effort in the DFW area.
  • Help determine effective team rhythms for the DFW context, and participate in all GCMI team rhythms & activities.
  • Coordinate team meetings and activities.
  • Pursue alignment with GCMI Philosophy of ministry.
  • Work with GCMI leadership to nurture a synergistic team climate.


  • Coordinating with GCMI leadership, help facilitate the growth & development of the DFW initiative.
  • Share monthly ministry updates and participate in annual review with executive director.
  • Function as a liaison with partnering church(es).
  • Communicate potential partnership opportunities with Global City Mission leadership.
  • As needed, participate in GCMI events & activities.
  • Participate in GCMI missionary mobilization.
  • Participate in inter-city discussions in order to promote cross-training and ongoing collaboration.

Qualities & Characteristics

  • Mission Catalysts practice strong self-leadership. They should be self-initiating and self-managing in day-to-day ministry.
  • Mission Catalysts should be learners. GCMI will provide training & guidance, and we also encourage individuals to continue learning, pioneering, and sharing new discoveries with the larger GCMI team.
  • Mission Catalysts should have alignment with the GCMI Philosophy of Ministry.
  • Mission Catalysts should be committed to prayer and to their own spiritual health.


To request an application, e-mail resume to Dr. Jared Looney at


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